New Testament Reading Plan 2024

(To Print the Plan- right click on each picture, choose 'save picture', save each page then print them on your printer. Paper copies are also available at FBC Idabel.)

Welcome to our New Testament Reading Plan!

We hope you are ready to commit to reading through the New Testament with us this year. Nothing will transform your life or build your faith like reading God's Word daily. We hope this simple plan will help you do this.

This plan, provided by the Navigators, a respected discipleship ministry known worldwide, will help you stay on track and read in community with our whole church. It uses a 5 day a week schedule where you read one chapter a day. It give you Saturday and Sunday to catch up on reading that you missed or give further study to difficult passages that you want to know more about. 

Reading one chapter a day gives you a chance to really digest the meaning of the text. The chapter should provide many points of application without overwhelming you with too much to focus on.

When you come across section that provide a challenge for you to understand tackle them in two ways:

      1) Search resources you may have or online resources.

               Some trusted web resources are:



     2) Ask someone for help.

                Never hesitate to ask a trusted friend or teacher.

                Talk to you Sunday School teacher.

                Message the pastor.


I hope you are as excited as I am to dive into God's Word in 2024. If you are just now getting started on your Bible reading journey start either by reading an extra chapter a day to catch up, or just start where you are and make your way through. Reading as much as you can is more important than waiting until next year to start again. 

If you miss a couple of days along the way, don't quit! Pick back up wherever you are and keep going. God will bless your efforts, but you will miss the blessing if you never start again. You got this!