Music Ministry
Minister of Music: Eric Beechem

Welcome to the Music Ministry of First Baptist Church.  We are striving to be the Worship Leaders that God has called us to be.  We sing for an audience of One and we sing only for God's glory.  We were created for Worship and as you pray about serving in the music ministry please know that we would love to have you as a part of this ministry.  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! 

Praise Singers: We rehearse on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm in the choir room.  The praise singers provide leadership in our Sunday Morning worship service.  If you feel God is calling you into this area of ministry, please contact Eric Beechem to set up a meeting.

Praise Band: The Praise Band rehearses on Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary.  They provide instrumental accompaniment in both the Sunday morning and evening worship services.  If God has gifted you in this area, please contact Eric Beechem to schedule a meeting.

Tech Team: Responsible for the audio and visual components of our worship services.  Also often needed for special services, weddings & funerals.  If God has gifted you in this area, please contact Eric Beechem to schedule a meeting.

J.A.M. FBC Children's Choir: Meets Sundays from 5:00 - 6:00 pm.

If you have questions about these groups or the music ministry at First Baptist Church please feel free to contact Eric Beechem by phone or email.


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