Dressing for an event that I was to attend in just a little while at the church, I was doing great. Everything was ready at the church, I was on time, and I had it all together. As I left the house, I thought about the small details that I needed to get done before the event. I drove straight to the church to begin the last minute preparations for the night.

But as I walked down the hallway to my office, I heard it. Ker-flap…ker-flap…ker-flap. I stopped and looked down and sure enough, I had lost my sole. My shoe sole, that is. My shoe had decided at that very moment to throw a sole. Not great timing. There I was, looking put together and ready from head to toe…as long as I didn’t take one step.

I didn’t really have the time to return home to change, in fact I had just a few minutes to fix my problem. So I started looking for some glue to temporarily re-attach my sole. Found nothing! Are you kidding me? Knowing that people would be arriving very shortly, I had no choice but to walk out the door, ker-flapping, and head to the nearest store to find some glue to re-attach my sole. But just as I was almost there, one of the women involved in the event drove up and inquired where I was headed. I explained my predicament quickly and left her there…probably laughing at me.

I finally bought glue, returned to my office and sat down to glue to my heart’s content.

But this happening to me got me to thinking while sipping my coffee the next morning. “I’m so glad my “glue” never turns loose for any reason so I might lose my s-o-u-l!” You see, my soul is so valuable to God that He secured it for me with the death and resurrection of His son, Jesus, Christ. People seem to be looking for the glue of religion or good works to make their soul secure. But I believe with Apostle Paul in the Bible; “I know whom I have believed and am convinced that He is able to keep that which I have committed (given) to Him.…(2 Timothy 1:12)

I lost my s-o-l-e, but I can never lose my eternal s-o-u-l. That is entrusted to the Creator Himself.