The young mother had purchased a new pair of pants and a shirt for her pre-school age son to wear to church and to special events. The next Sunday, she helped him get dressed in his new duds to go to church. After worship service was over, she was busy visiting with a friend at the back of the auditorium, and took her eyes off of her busy young son. Meanwhile, her busy young son was entertaining himself during that time, playing with his tiny new toy cars on the auditorium carpet with his friend.


Shortly Mom said goodbye to her friend and called her son to get in the car for the trip home. But upon arrival back at the house, she actually looked directly at her darling. A dismayed shriek came out of her mouth as she saw that his new pants now had holes in both knees.


Horrified at what she saw, she asked, “Britton, what happened? Those are your brand new pants, and you have already ruined them crawling on the floor!”


He looked up at her with a look of confusion on his face then down at himself and saw for the first time the now not-so-new pants. The four year old boy then said with a carefree shrug of his shoulders, “But Mom, I’m just a little boy, and that’s what boys do!”


That child had not hesitated and thought of the value of his new clothes before dropping to the floor. He hadn’t even stopped to think of his new clothes as a special gift from his mom, and that they needed to be treated carefully. He was just being a little boy who does what little boys do…play with toys on the nearest surface.


I laugh to myself every time I think of that story of my little grandson, but when I look at it through different lenses, it also triggers a totally different response within me, a feeling of sadness. His answer to his mom seems to mirror the indifferent response by immature Christians to the priceless gift, their brand new life, given to them by their Heavenly Father.


They accept the gift of salvation gladly, but very quickly forget the immeasurable price of that gift, and fall back into their old ways of crawling around on the floor, playing with things that are not to be played with when you are wearing a new garment called “salvation.” They go back to playing on the floor with things like todays’ “normal” social life, which quickly wears holes in their new-found sexual purity. Playing on the floor with destructive toys like drugs and alcohol, which are proven to be so harmful to the body, the mind, and the emotions.


Young Christians, please realize what you have been given by God. A gift that is so precious that the world and Satan himself work around the clock to inflict damage and harm. New Christian, you are now a valuable perfect soul, uniquely special in the eyes of your Heavenly Father. Don’t let the world and its low morals convince you to fall back to playing on the floor with your old hurtful toys.


A young teenage girl at school was belittling and shaming another student about his public pledge to remain sexually pure until marriage. He attempted to good-naturedly ignore and laugh off her barbs, but finally lost the battle. He finally turned to her and replied with fire in his eye, “I can become like you at any time I choose. But you can never be like me ever again, you gave that up a long time ago.”


You are precious and valuable. Don’t cheapen the gift you have been given. Some things can’t be made new