The Truth about Easter!

     Bonnets, bunnies, egg hunts and the like have nothing to do with a “true” Easter experience, according to all reliable historical authorities.  These commonly accepted signs of the spring season are all a part of a pagan celebration of Ishtar, a fertility goddess from Babylonian origins. 

      Instead of bunnies and eggs and the like, I would like to encourage all believers to focus on the Cross, the Savior and the Empty Tomb. 

     The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is the theme of this very special season.  The Savior …who was willing to die for our sins, who sacrificed Himself to purchase our eternal freedom and was gloriously resurrected on that Sunday morning… now THAT’s something worth celebrating!! 

      It is the pinnacle of Christianity!  Jesus, the King, overcoming the grave by the power of God!!  Wow!  Oh, what a Savior!!  (That sure beats bunnies and eggs, don’t ya think!?!)