Coffeetime With Brother Andy                                                                                                                                                                                           "THE TABLE OF WISDOM"

Each and every Sunday morning before all the Bible Study classes begin, they meet. It is not a formal or official class or gathering, but there they are. Between four and eight gentlemen from seventy to ninety years of age. Sitting around a table in the fellowship hall, talking and sipping coffee together.

Those of us who walk by these men each Sunday morning commonly refer to that table as “The Table Of Wisdom.” What do they talk about? Well, they may reminisce about past wars when they served our country, the present state of our country, the weather, their garden woes, or any number of other topics…but on Sunday morning there they are.

Every week you can see a new younger fellow or two who join them for that morning. These younger guys will be quick to tell you that they are trying to learn from this elder group. I think this is wonderful…and even biblical.

Unfortunately our society often dismisses the older generation as irrelevant today. They are regularly ignored, tolerated or even abused. Their past years of valuable contributions to our world are so many times denigrated and dismissed as “no longer important to today’s society.” But the Holy Scriptures teach us to honor and respect our elders. The Bible teaches that gray hair is a badge of honor. That we are expected to love, honor and esteem these folks who have already walked roads we have yet to trod, who have already endured some fights that they hope and pray we will not have to face.

The “Table Of Wisdom” guys are some of our favorites in our congregation. Without men like them we wouldn’t have the freedoms and the future we now enjoy. They are a blessing to us all, and I believe we should bless them in return. We need to love and respect those men and women of the older generation.

I strongly believe that in church life, these senior adults should never be shoved aside to accommodate the latest styles of music or worship. Their preferences should be taken into consideration along with the younger generations, as many of them have persevered in the past through some very tough times to keep the church doors open and the church alive. We owe them that we even have a church now.

And as time passes, we need to aspire to be considered as friendly, godly, and wise as them, and maybe have a seat of our own at The Table Of Wisdom.