Coffeetime With Brother Andy


I had just walked out of my front door on my way to the office. It was a beautiful sunny morning and I was feeling great. My heart was light, my mind was alert and I was ready to tackle the day’s work ahead of me. It was gonna be a good day!

Then it happened. I ran straight into an enormous sticky spider’s web. I immediately began slapping and twisting, trying to get free. But it seemed the more I fought to get if off of me, the more I wrapped myself into it. I hate those things. I had to slowly and methodically work my way out of that mess. And even after I finally went on to work I had the feeling I still had it on me the rest of the day.

Apparently that spider had silently and stealthily woven his web all night, as it certainly wasn’t there the evening before. He had worked to devise a trap that was intended to capture and destroy some unsuspecting tiny creature, but thankfully I was too large to be his prey.

When I arrived at my office a few minutes later, I got my coffee and thought about what had just happened. That spider had simply done what spiders do. They make webs and attempt to entrap the unsuspecting. They then slowly but surely destroy and devour their catch.

That is an apt description of Satan himself. He does what he does, and he is extremely good at it. He sets traps and lies in wait for the unsuspecting target. He places those traps in common places in common ways to catch his prey. Once he catches his victim in his trap, he sets about carefully destroying their life. Folks, make no mistake about it; Satan wants to destroy marriages, families, relationships and jobs…anything that might bring glory to God.

He works with great subtlety, enabling him and his demons to harm the person’s hopes and dreams for their life. He convinces people that they do not really need, or want, to be removed from the web of deception he has put around them. Therefore, they quit struggling against the snare and settle into an abnormal lifestyle, one that is so much less than what God had in store for them.

Here is the truth; Jesus came to break those chains, snares and webs that keep people bound up. He came to change broken lives. He is the ONLY means to rescue and deliver someone from Satan’s traps. Jesus Christ said, “Come unto me, all who are weary and heavy laden.” Another  way of saying what Jesus said…”Come to me all who are trapped, broken and worn out, and I will help you.”