Coffeetime with Brother Andy “Photowhutt?!” To me, one of God's greater feats is that of "phototropism." That is a plant’s natural reaction to its need for light which causes it turn toward the sun. It is amazing to watch as flowers, trees and vines twist in almost any direction to focus on the light source. Recently I was reminded of this in my own backyard. A few years ago we had planted a small specimen tree in a seemingly sunny spot. It has done very well there until recently. But one day I spotted a change. That tree has developed a slightly different bend than before. It still looks good and is still growing, but it definitely has developed a curve in its trunk. You see, over the years another much larger tree has also grown and is now throwing enough shade that my specimen tree has had to begin to turn to get its needed sunlight. That little tree is a lot smarter than us human beings. It is determined to get the light it needs, and is doing whatever it needs to do to accomplish its mission. The way this pastor sees it, the larger tree is a distraction or a diversion of God's best for my little specimen tree! People, problems, defeats, or even successes can appear as diversions that creep in and block the Light of God from shining on us as we need. These diversions or distractions may not always be able to be totally removed, like my bigger tree. But we need to learn to turn or move to be certain we get the best exposure to the Light as possible. God’s entire creation was intended to focus on the "light" God provides for all of us. Jesus identified Himself as "the LIGHT of THE WORLD" and we need to draw to that Light which provides direction and causes us to grow and develop as we ought. But if we are not careful, the distractions and diversions that are in everyone’s life will cause us to fail to thrive as we should. You will be plugging along in life, thinking you are doing alright, then a point will come when you realize you have not grown or fulfilled God's plan for you. In John 12:36 Jesus said, "While ye have light, believe in that light, that ye may be children of that light."