You know, I’ve been thinking…life is kinda like a pot of coffee.

Someone takes the time to put all the pieces together, the container, the filter, the water, the coffee grounds, and the plugged-in electric cord. All those pieces fit together and work seamlessly to produce a wonderful end result… delicious fragrant hot coffee.

But if that brewed coffee is ignored and allowed to sit unappreciated and savored, it can become stale or even bitter. And that, my friends, is a shame. But if all the parts are fitted together perfectly, and the resulting hot coffee is enjoyed thoroughly, there will come a time when it is gone…and the pot sits empty. Yep…kinda like life.

In life, God puts all the pieces together to create a person’s life. Those parts of a life are shaped to make them fit together as only the Creator can. Make no mistake, you are no accident! You being born did not catch God off guard, you are an intentional and carefully crafted piece of His master plan.

So you need to realize something. Your life is intended to be thoroughly enjoyed, and intended to be given great thought. Not just a series of impulsive, careless and clumsy stabs at getting through each day until the end of your life arrives. It is a gift from Him, and we are supposed to live it as best we can. But bad habits and poor choices can cause painful results, and then bitterness can set in. Unfortunately, when someone becomes bitter, it is like poison to their life. And then, not only is their life changed for the worse, but those that are close to that person are affected and hurt.

Oh yes, of course there will be struggles and difficult issues for everyone through the years. But He knows all you are facing and all you will be facing, and God still wants you to extract joy and love from living. But this can happen only if you allow Him into your life to help you to see where the real joy lies.

Folks, before you know it, the “pot” will be empty. The scripture tells us that life is short. Life needs to be lived intentionally, as one famous coffee company tag line said, “Good to the last drop.”