Walking past a group of children recently, I overheard a young girl indignantly ask her friend, “Just who do you think you are?!” Apparently her friend had crossed some line in their relationship, and she was having no part of it.

As I walked away I laughed at the mocking derision in that girl’s voice, but later as I thought about that snippet of accidentally eavesdropped conversation, it led me to the same question regarding us and our God. “Just who do we think we are?”

We rail against the ups and downs in our lives, believing that our lives ought to run smoothly, with our every desire and wish being granted. We act like our personal opinions and thoughts are all-important truths, and we even dare to insult and mock the opinions of those who dare to disagree. We make decisions without consulting with our God, and then we complain when the outcome is not we wanted. We deny His power and influence over our world and our lives, choosing instead to walk a path of our own choice, and then we are confused and resentful when bad things happen to us.

We humans are so secure in our intelligence, our creativity and our independence that we seem to think we know all and can accomplish anything,if we just put our mind to it. But our Almighty Creator has to be thinking, “Just who do you think you are?!”

The fable was once told of a scientist who confidently challenged God to a duel. The man claimed he could create a man from dust, just as God had made Adam from dust. On the arranged day of the contest, the scientist stood behind his work table, while the Spirit of God hovered nearby. The scientist, thinking to begin his process of creating a man, requested that a certain amount of dirt be brought to his table. At that point, God intervened with the statement, “If you are going to challenge me on level ground, you have to create your own dirt from absolutely nothing!”

You have to understand, WE ARE NOT GOD! We are only the created, not the Creator. When we begin to think we are in charge of this world and in control of our lives, there is only one possible question to ask…Who do we think we are, hmmm?!