In a memorable Dennis the Menace cartoon from yesteryear, the boy is sitting under an empty Christmas tree. Piles of opened and discarded gifts are around the room. Used wrapping paper is scattered everywhere. Dennis gazes at the mess surrounding him and then looks at his parents and asks, “Is that all there is?”

This never seemed hilarious to me back then, and as I am remembering it now, it certainly doesn’t seem any funnier than it did the first time I read it. Because it strikes much too closely to the heart of many of our homes today for it to be humorous.

So many of us keep looking for something else. One more job promotion, more power, more money, more authority, more acceptance. Some seem to believe that more drugs, more sex, or more alcohol will surely take away that inner turmoil and gnawing pain inside of them and give them the peace they crave. And yet, not long after they have received the very thing they believed would solve everything, they soon realize that it doesn’t have the power to satisfy and soothe. And so….the unending needing.

And the search begins again.

We have been blessed by our God with so much. We have life, family, friends and the most wonderful gift of all…the Gift of God’s own Son, Jesus Christ. But “Is that all there is?” seems to be today’s anthem in our country. A lot of us are looking for something or someone to fill an aching void in our life, and end up doing and accepting experiences that just fail at plugging that hole.

The Bible tells about the “Pearl of great price.” The Pearl that is worth more than anything in this world. That pearl is Jesus Christ and the great gift of salvation through Him. The Pearl that makes you realize there is nothing more fantastic in this world than having Him. Nothing ‘more’ or ‘improved’ that will make your life easier, greater, or more at peace.The Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians, “whatsoever state I find myself I will be content.” He knew there was nothing or no one on this earth that rival the contentment that his relationship with Jesus had given.

Merry Christmas to all…and may each of us accept God’s gift of Jesus. He is all you really need to be at peace.