Years ago a popular country singer recorded “IF WE MAKE IT THRU DECEMBER” a song that topped the charts. In the lyrics the writer spoke of financial hard times, job loss, and marital struggles. “But if we make it thru December, we’ll be fine.”

In so many ways, families of today can relate to that song. With all the holiday parties, dinners and traveling, added on top of your regular obligations, December can be a stress-filled and difficult time. Add in Christmas gift shopping and wrapping, the financial issues that accompany all that shopping, and don’t forget the inevitable family drama…yep, it can be downright overwhelming. No wonder so many folks are just trying to “make it thru December.”

But maybe there can be a better way to actually enjoy this holiday season, not just endure it. Here are a few lifesaving tips that I feel can make a real difference in whether you ENJOY OR ENDURE.

Focus on the Savior, not the sales. After all, the celebration is about the birth of the One who brings peace.

Enjoy the time with those you love. Remember the Bible says that “time is short.” Appreciate those God has put in your life. Remember, they will not always be there.

Share gifts that truly matter. Things like Time, Laughter, and Love. In a few weeks or months the latest gadget or toy or innovation will be out of style or obsolete anyway! But the truly important gifts will be kept forever in the memory box.

Show gratitude for what you have received. After all, the greatest gift of all is love. Be thankful.

December can be stressful, absolutely no doubt about that. But make an attempt this year to concentrate on the good gifts in your life, and you could find that the Christmas month may be a lot more enjoyable.