Coffeetime With Brother Andy



A driver was making his way home late one night. Suddenly his headlights lit up the silhouette of a man in the middle of the highway. He was waving his arms wildly and yelling, but the driver couldn’t hear him well enough to understand what he was saying. Certainly not wanting to stop in the dead of night for a total stranger whose behavior was pretty erratic and threatening; he repeatedly attempted to avoid him. But the weird fellow kept jumping in front of his car and screaming violently.

Finally the driver screeched to a halt just before running over the man. Throwing his door open, he leaped out of his car angrily approached the man.

“What do you think you are doing!? Are you crazy!?”

The “crazy” fellow, with tears streaming and visibly shaking, shouted back, “The bridge just ahead of you is out! Some folks have already driven off into the water! I was just trying to stop you!”

Warnings are given to deter us away from danger. Recently I have read about several tourists who plunged to their death when they ignored warning signs that emphatically cautioned against getting too close to a particular edge of the Grand Canyon. Warnings, whether they are speaking of the Grand Canyon, reckless speeding, alcohol, illicit sex, or the use of nicotine or drugs, should be taken seriously. Warnings are not posted to keep you from your fun. They are put up for a very serious reason. “You will be in danger from this point onward.”

Any preacher or believer worth his salt is to be a warning-kind-of-guy. He is to be about the business of doing all he can to keep folks from eternal doom. We should scream, wave wildly, pray, confront, and do whatever we have to do to turn folks away from going to hell. Oh, how I wish we could post a huge sign on your life; “You are in danger from this point onward.”

When a friend or a pastor speaks to you about hell, please heed the warning. Believe me, no one has to go there. You can be spared by the grace of God. That is the very reason - the only reason - that Jesus Christ died on the cross. He paid for your sins so that you do not have to go to hell. But you have to come to Him and hand him your sins.

“Whosoever will, let him come.” Revelations 22:17