What are you worried about?  Iran?  North Korea?  E Coli?  Arab Spring?  Violent crime?  Cancer?  Heart attack?  Wall street woes?  Job issues?  Kids?

It seems almost daily there is a new threat, a new concern or a different issue for us to worry about.  Whether it is potential war, politics or the plague, we are a worrying bunch of people.

We consume a tremendous amount of tranquilizers trying to calm our nerves.  Folks often resort to counselors, alcohol or any number of other remedies trying to deal with issues that we worry over.

Jesus gave us some great advice.  “Who among you by worry can make himself one inch taller?” (Matt 6:27)  Apostle Paul wrote, “Be anxious (worried) for nothing, but in everything with prayer let your requests be known to God.” Phil 4:6

 God is big enough to carry our concerns and our worries.  He is good enough to care for things we can’t handle.

 I am trying to come to the point that – “if I cast my cares on Jesus, who am I to pick them up?  If He’s gonna take care of it, I don’t need to.”  (Notice I said “trying”.)

The wise old preacher Vance Havner once said about his persistent worry and insomnia, “I finally read the verse that said, ‘the Lord does not slumber nor sleep.’  I figured, ‘Lord, if you are staying up, I’m going to bed’.”

 What keeps you upset and awake worrying at night?  It’s not always easy, but God is awake and on the job and you can cast those worries onto Him.  He cares that much about you and me.

“His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me,” the songwriter wrote.  I am never out from under His loving eyes…..and neither are you!

Worry or Trust?  That’s up to us.