Coffee Time 2/13/13




Recently I attended an event held at our regional museum.  Before it began, I walked around admiring the many pieces of art on display in the assembly hall.  I was amazed at some of the creativity and ability of these artists…and most of them are teens in the community!  Wow!


In the hearts and minds of these young artists was a vision of how their painting would turn out.  They saw ahead of time how their paintings would look.  They knew what was the best thing for their particular piece.


Upon reflecting on their talent and artistry, I was reminded of how wonderful and creative our Lord is.  He started with a handful of dust and created a man with his “gazillion” different parts.  He took a bone from his side and fashioned it into a “helper made just right” for Adam.  Wow!!


That’s why the Psalmist declared “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.  And why Jeremiah wrote “In my mother’s womb you saw me and knew me”.


The artist always has a plan….an order of design that perhaps only they can see.  God has a wonderful design and plan for each of us….even if we can’t see it.


The story is told of the sculptor who was working diligently on a large piece of granite with his hammer and chisel.  When a friend asked what he was making, the sculptor replied, “a beautiful woman”.  To which the friend replied, “I can’t see that at all”.  The sculptor said, “you are not the creator and I’m not through yet!”


We often look at people and frown at how they are.  But may we remember, God is the creator and He may not be through yet!

   March 2019   
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