As I previously wrote about in another article, we recently made a trip to the Alabama Gulf shores to purchase fresh shrimp and fish, which I love dearly. I had dreams and plans for that seafood, meals that would “make you slap yo mama.” The investment of gas, time and money was well spent in my opinion.

We brought it home, still safely packed in the ice from the fisherman who had caught it just that morning, and immediately threw it in the freezer. Some days later my wife decided to have shrimp that night and went to the freezer for a package. Smelled shrimp and fish when she opened the door to the room….folks, that ain’t a good thing!

It had happened. Unbeknown to us, the freezer thermostat had quit working sometime after we had stocked it with my dreams and plans. I had to grieve for a while, and then held a burial for said dreams and plans.

Through my disappointment, God showed me something very clearly. You see, I had made an investment of time and finances into something that I love dearly, expecting and hoping to enjoy delicious meals from it for a long time after.

On a much more timeless scale, God has made an enormously priceless investment in me, someone that He loves dearly. He bankrupted Heaven by sending His sinless Son to the cross to pay for all my sins. He made that tremendous investment in my eternity, so that I could be a pleasure to Him, that my life would be a blessing to Him and to others around me.

But all too often His investment suffers from a lack of thermostat control… when I have walked away from being close to Him. When I ignore reading His Word and taking the time to talk to Him, then my life takes on a lukewarmness. And when that happens, I lose my ability for my behavior to be a pleasure to Him. The scripture says that our testimony can become dead and lifeless, and men gather them to destroy.

But unlike my freezer and my seafood, this investment can be restored.

King David, a man after Gods own heart, grievously sinned when he ignored God and His teaching. But when confronted with his sin and weakness, King David repented and penned the 51st Psalm where he wrote, “Restore unto me the joy of my salvation.” Yes, he remained God’s child through that whole sad time of his life when he sinned horribly, and then was restored to God’s favor after he repented and asked for forgiveness.

King David was God’s treasure that He loved deeply. So am I, and so are you, if you have accepted Jesus and are living for Him. So, remember your value and live as a valuable treasure.