It was absolutely beautiful…with breathtaking architectural elements. The longer I stood and stared at it, the more I had to admire the genius of this creation.

Yes, it definitely was a thing of beauty; but in truth, it was a place of death and destruction created with the sole intention of killing a foe. What am I talking about, you ask? A gigantic intricately designed spider web that hung suspended from the bushes near the ground all the way up to the eaves of my house.

Last week I returned home from being away for a few days, and as I walked up the sidewalk to the door of my house, I noticed it. The angle of the sun was just right and it caused every glittery, silken strand of that web to glisten like it was made out of diamonds. Illuminated by the sun, I could see each and every complex detail. And not only was I caught in awe at the sheer perfection of it, but the enormity of this creation, especially in such a relatively short amount of time was unbelievable. Putting in a lot of overtime was definitely not a problem for that industrious spider, or he must have called in a bunch of friends to pay back a few favors.

I just stood there for a little while admiring the craftsmanship, and then I reminded myself, “This thing was built for one purpose and one purpose only; to trap, kill, and destroy.”

The Scriptures teach that in the same manner a spider seeks to trap its unsuspecting prey, Satan uses the same type of ploy to trap and destroy a person. He watches, plots and schemes, and then he sets into motion his strategy to lure you into his web of choice…designed especially for you. A beautiful-looking web that will ensnare and destroy.

Why do I say a beautiful-looking web? Because the Bible teaches that sin can be fun…for a season. It will look attractive, all gleaming and glittery in the light. And most probably, it will be something that you will enjoy and will seem so innocuous and innocent at first. But just like the spider web, it has the ultimate goal of entrapment and destruction. Romans 6:23 says, “…the wages of sin is death.” The allure of things like drugs’ promises, the taste of alcohol, or an illicit relationship may appear desirable or enjoyable. But please be aware that Satan is deliberately setting an attractive prison, a silken web, a hidden snare for you. He is skillfully disguising and hiding the truth from you, until he has you firmly trapped. Be careful. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

“Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.” John 10:10

As someone once said, “He is a great getter-into, but a lousy getter-outer.”