Some time ago, I was engaged in a conversation with a man whom I had just recently met. We talked about a number of issues for ten or fifteen minutes, then I brought up the subject of Jesus Christ and His love for us. He immediately became upset, raising his voice and angrily speaking against Jesus and also me, as His servant.

Finally at the end of his rant, he backed up, looked straight at me and declared, “You can go to hell!” Shocked, I could only say the first impulsive thing that came to my mind, “No sir, I can’t ever possibly do that! I may be able to do a lot of things, but that is one thing for sure that I can never do. I cannot go to hell.” He then listened for maybe two minutes more while I tried to explain to him that as a born again believer, I am a child of God. Because of my faith placed in Jesus’ death for me, this assures me that I can never go to hell. My friend walked away shaking his head and muttering to himself. I certainly hope he took the time to step away from his resentment of God to consider what I had just told him.

You see, hell was created for Satan and his followers. It was never created for me, or you, or that angry gentleman that I wrote about in this article. Man was NEVER intended to inhabit that horrible place of eternal torment. A person has to willfully choose hell over heaven. But when a person rebelliously and deliberately chooses to reject the Son of God, that rejection of Jesus causes them to choose to become a follower of Satan, and not God. Rejecting His Son who died for your sins is the sin that God will not tolerate, look past, or excuse.

Hear me very clearly; bad deeds, or sin as it is called in the Bible, do not send someone to hell. But deciding to not accept His payment for your sin, and not surrendering control of your life to Jesus, that is what condemns a person to hell. In the Bible, John 3; Jesus told Nicodemus, “He that believeth not is condemned already.” There are many who like to rely on the love and grace of God as their assurance of salvation, but ignoring the Scriptures that plainly tell us a person’s acceptance of Jesus’ death as payment for his own sin is the only way to reserve your home in heaven.

“Go to Hell!” Not me, because I have fully trusted Jesus to save me, by my faith in His sacrifice for my sin. How about you? Remember, just as bad deeds do not condemn you, good deeds do not save you either. It is by faith, in Jesus alone.