July 2017  
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Fruits of the Spirit
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3yrs. - Kindergarten
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Re-Thinking Your Actions

Re-Thinking your Actions


   As the story is told, several years ago down in the heart of Alabama, a bully picked a fight with another youngster. He sucker punched him in the nose and knocked him out

   When the boy regained consciousness he vowed to get revenge. His thoughts were, “I’m gonna kill that bully.” He went home, looked in his mom’s closet and grabbed her .22 and set out to seek his revenge on the bully.

   When the bully was in his gun sight, something caused the youngster to ask himself an important question: “What will happen to me & what will mama think if I pull the trigger and kill him?” In that split second he visualized what it would be like to go to jail.

   In both 1st Chronicles 16:28 and Psalms105:15, God has given good sound advice “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” This leads me to believe, if one professes to have hands laid on by God and they go astray He’ll deal with them in His own way and in His time frame.

   This particular youngster decided that the potential pain was greater than the joy of revenge. He re-aimed the gun and shot into a tree. 

   Oh yes and, as Paul Harvey would say, “now the rest of the story is this.” This youngster was none other than Bo Jackson, one of the greatest athletes to play in two sports at the same time, football and baseball.

   As he describes it in his biography, this single choice probably made the difference between a kid with no future and one of great athletic success. Not every decision is that important, but who we are today is a result of our choices of yesterday.

   How fitting are the words by Norman Johnson. “I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back, no turning back!”


Rev. Bobby C. Ashley